Hodge Podge

25 Aug

I’m mid-way through the 3-week break between my last summer course (my first teaching practicum, and a rather intensive one at that), and the fall semester. I think I’ve been balancing productivity and relaxation pretty well.

Thoroughly enjoyed my first reading at KGB, sent out another few stories (plan to send a fourth next week), finally organized my files in this great old cabinet my father gave me (metal, clangs), set up an RSS feed for 55 words (ok, so that took one, maybe two minutes).

Also seem to be getting a satisfying amount of sitting-and-reading time (short stories, The Sun is My Enemy, Lake Wobegon Days), and miscellaneous research. Yesterday I flipped through the old Britannica volumes we found in the basement, from 1981. Read about Romance Languages and Romania. I enjoyed the adjectives used to describe Ceaucescu’s foreign policies: brave, bold, courageous. Mm. Today was less musty, more internet-y. Andy Warhol, Basquiat, funerary art. Ah, vacation!

I’m off to Boston for the weekend. I don’t plan on doing much. Sitting. Watching. Taking in the smog of another city.

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