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Nips & Bites

30 Mar

It’s been a busy winter and I am slowly emerging from hibernation. I passed my Master’s essay (yay!). While it is probably not worthy of an academic journal, I am proud of it nevertheless and will probably add it and maybe one other paper to the essays section of my website as a .pdf file. Its title is “Argument as a Relative Threat to Face” and it opens with a scene of monkeys nipping at each other as Gregory Bateson wonders: how do they know which is a friendly nip and which is a hostile bite? The monkeys know and usually (usually) so do we. But that depends on culture too.

changes & updates

23 Mar

A long while back, my friend Roohi asked me what the url for this blog was. When I told her, she said she thought it was a pretty clever play on words–“ancals–like annals, like the annals of anca”–and I smiled and nodded and pretended it was entirely intentional. I’ve decided to make “ancals” the official title. Thanks, Roohi!

Speaking of the unintentional, this month at 55 Words we’ve unintentionally put together an issue of animal-themed stories. In January we had a cluster of food-related stories, and in December we had some stories about sight and blindness. It’s been interesting seeing these stories come together in clumps for no apparent reason.

Carciofes a la Malaise

9 Mar

Photo from my reading at the Cornelia Street Cafe, courtesy of Max Tzinman.

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