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2 May

M. and I are moving cross-country to Seattle in August, something we’ve toyed with for a few years now. I’ll be pursuing an MFA in fiction writing at the University of Washington-Seattle; he’ll be doing his urban planning thing, hopefully (fingers crossed on this whole sour economy thing). We’re ecstatic and planning a cross-country drive which will cover a swath of the northern states. This means I will have to finally take some driving lessons so M. doesn’t drive all 2,000+ miles (even if I did have fun testing out GoogleMaps’experimental walking option: it would take us 39 days of non-stop walking, apparently). As it happens, that first trip to Vancouver and Seattle was where I drove for the first time, in an icy parking lot at the University of British Columbia; M. told me to drive in a circle and all I could do were figure eights.

On that note, here are two fun mapping sites:
1. triptopnyc
2. literature map

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