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Revise, Rinse, Repeat

12 Oct A step in the revision process

A step in the revision process

On Saturday I took a fabulous one-day class on revision with Karin de Weille at the Richard Hugo House. I’m between the third and fourth drafts of my first novel, taking a month-long break so that I might return to the manuscript with fresh eyes. Though I sometimes get the itch to go back to the novel, I’ve found that if I interrupt the fallow period too soon, I start to lose steam. The time away is so key. In the meantime, perhaps the most heartening lesson I’ve taken from the revision class was to luxuriate and indulge in the revision process – rushing is the last thing you want to do (I guess I knew this, but it’s always a helpful reminder). I’ve plunged myself back into the world of the short story, drafting some new ones, splicing and rejuvenating  a few I wrote last spring, and sending out a couple that seem “done”. Onward!


4 Oct

I’ve reviewed Nikolai Grozni’s Wunderkind for the Ploughshares blog. Check it out! There are some haunting photos of the actual music school on which the novel’s school is based (indeed, it is a  roman à clef) over here.

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