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27 Jul

M, a.k.a. my betrothed, has a new blog called Zoned-In. It’s all about hot topics in urban planning (adaptive re-use, congestion pricing, and the like) and makes for good, hearty reading (not that I’m biased).

In other (saddish) news, I’ve resigned from my post at 55 Words. It was a fabulous year; I’d missed being on the editing side of things since working on Scrivener at McGill and working with Rosemary on this project was a great way to jump back into the publishing fray. Seeing what people could do (and attempted to do) with such a restriction in form was a treat. Alas, I decided it was time for the guest stories to be received by a fresh set of eyes (not mention I’ve become greedy with my free time as I focus more on the novel). I’m looking forward to seeing how 55 Words evolves. I think every writer, particularly long-winded writers, should try their hand at the 55-word story.


24 Apr

The results from Readers’ Choice #3 are in! Fun!

Readers’ Choice 3

13 Apr

Our third Readers’ Choice contest is happening right now over at 55 Words. The stories are fabulous, so go take a look and send in your picks! Then, get inspired and send in your stories.

changes & updates

23 Mar

A long while back, my friend Roohi asked me what the url for this blog was. When I told her, she said she thought it was a pretty clever play on words–“ancals–like annals, like the annals of anca”–and I smiled and nodded and pretended it was entirely intentional. I’ve decided to make “ancals” the official title. Thanks, Roohi!

Speaking of the unintentional, this month at 55 Words we’ve unintentionally put together an issue of animal-themed stories. In January we had a cluster of food-related stories, and in December we had some stories about sight and blindness. It’s been interesting seeing these stories come together in clumps for no apparent reason.

Readers’ Choice

22 Jan

The results from 55 Words’ second Readers’ Choice Awards are in!

Readers’ Choice

27 Dec

We’re running our second Readers’ Choice Awards over at 55 Words. Voting opened December 22 and will close January 20, 2007. It’s been fun watching the votes come in– take a look at the stories and send in your picks! Hooray for reading!

Cover Story

10 Dec

A 55-word story from 55 Words is on the cover of the January 2007 issue of The Writer, as it “nicely sums up the appeal of flash fiction.” How nice!


2 Nov

I saw The Tiger Lillies last night, at St. Ann’s Warehouse. Overall, it was a very fun show, chockfull of the macabre and grimace-laced chuckles. The slow songs (done in a low, gravelly voice) were disappointing, but the more upbeat pieces sung in falsetto got the crowd stamping their feet. After, the S.O. and I danced on DUMBO’s cobblestones all the way back to the F train.

In other news, there’s a fresh batch of stories up on 55 Words, and if you missed October’s goodies, you can always check the archive. Fun!

Stories and Such

19 Sep

There are more stories up at 55 Words. The Readers Choice Awards is also on. This means you should go read the nominated stories and send in your votes. You have until October 1st but don’t procrastinate! Go now!

In other news, my family finally published my grandfather’s memoir, Bittersweet Memories. It’s been an interesting process that stretched a bit over three years. I’ve read various chunks of drafts but I’m looking forward to reading it in book form, cover-to-cover. From the back flap:

“Born into the quiet and remote steitl of Falticeni; embroiled in the fight against fascist dictatorship; entangled in the farce of the Communist regim; escape into the free world.

This is the life of one Jewish man, representative for so many of his generation.”

Readers’ Choice

6 Sep

More stories are up on 55 Words. Stay tuned for a readers’ choice awards: read the best stories of the summer (nominees announced later this month) and choose your favorites. What fun!

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