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My Mom Says I’m Cool

8 Mar

Last night was the Collectanea launch, at Mo Pitkins’ House of Satisfaction. It started at 7 on the dot and ended at 8 on the dot, and was heaving with happy drinking people.

Like a dope, I missed most of it. I was finishing a presentation at school on the UWS, teaching Cantonese using Mr. Potato Head for a body parts game, and couldn’t leave until 10 past. Apparently Lizzy read my story first, so I’d missed that before I even got on the 1 train. My mother was there, and assured me whistles and stomps were had.

They didn’t record the event, but Lizzy’s radioplay is available on the website, and on their Limited Edition CD, which includes a .pdf version of the magazine, the radioplay, and extra interviews and music. And it’s only $5! (*cough*)

My friend Sean at Said the Gramophone was so kind to put a link up to Collectanea. Thanks, Sean.

In other news, I have a grammar quiz to cram for. Deontic, Epistemic, Dynamic. Go modals go!


7 Mar

Collectanea has launched its inaugural issue, which includes my story “Bastille Day.”

The neat thing about Collectanea is its cross-pollination of media. In addition to straight fiction and non-fiction, there is an illustrated story and a podcast. The podcast in this issue has an audio piece inspired by my story, performed and produced by Lizzy Cooper Davis. She did a fabulous job, and it was fun collaborating on the music and French with her.

Tonight’s the launch party and actors from the New York Collective will read selections of the stories. There will also be some multi-media art presentations.

In short, wahoo!

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