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A Hint of Spring, A Touch of Phlegm

27 Feb

Well, it was my birthday today, and the weather was just as I like it: snow on the ground, spring in the air. Too bad I’ve got the last bits of bronchitis rattling around in me. Ah well.

Sunday night I read “A Meal” and “Lemon Tree Palace” at the Cornelia Street Cafe. As we were competing with Oscar night, and as one of the other readers was home with the plague, it was an intimate gathering, and very pleasant too. Chris Brandt read a series of poems on Thomas Jefferson, and another on Odysseus, and all were excellent. “Stars bouncing on waves” was a phrase from one of the latter that stayed with me.

After the reading, a few of us ate at the restaurant upstairs (delicious) and watched the snow come down on pretty Cornelia Street. A delightful night, with the only disconcerting bits in the fiction performed.

Rockhurst Review

13 Jun

My story “Lemon Tree Palace” has been published in the nineteenth edition of the Rockhurst Review (Spring 2006). It’s a journal based at Rockhurst University in Kansas City, Missouri and it’s printed on really nice paper, which is good for the color art section at the back. It’s a lively mix of stories and poems, if I do say so myself, and a mere $5.

If you’re interested in getting a copy, send the $5 to:

Patricia Cleary Miller
Rockhurst Review
Rockhurst University
1100 Rockhurst Road
Kansas City, Missouri 641100-2561

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