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Reviews of Daughters of the Air

Daughters is a confident and finely wrought novel. Szilágyi is at equally at home writing about Argentina’s complex historical conflict and the glittering garbage heaps of Brooklyn. She focuses unflinchingly on the violence we deliver on each other, and the mental scars that violence leaves behind.”

-Paul Constant, The Seattle Review of Books

“A clear-eyed meditation on the experience of being haunted by the unknown and what we are perhaps too scared to imagine.”

-Leena Soman, Cleaver Magazine

“The narrative surprised me, the gravitas shocked me, and the fantastical elements challenged me—all of which made for a worthwhile read and will make me a better writer.”

-Isla McKetta, A Geography of Reading

“[Szilágyi] is a smart writer, dropping you straight into the white hot truth of life.”

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