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“Anca Szilágyi’s Daughters of the Air is a fantastic debut…a product of alchemy, a creation of unearthly talents.”

-Paul Constant, “2017 in Review: The Seattle Novels That Made My Year,” The Seattle Review of Books

A striking debut from a writer to watchDaughters of the Air is gritty yet gorgeous, severe yet convivial, as it navigates uncertain times in a treacherous world. ”

-Dave Wheeler, Shelf Awareness

“Anca L. Szilágyi’s intense debut novel, ‘Daughters of the Air,’ locates a deeply personal story against the surreal backdrop of [Argentina’s Dirty War].”

-Ellen Emry Heltzel, The Seattle Times

Only Le Guin bothers to write coming-of-age stories with such attention to each word.…Beyond its singular blend of myth and magic, its potent and poetic language announces a worthy new voice in, if I can call it this, the literature of the melting pot. Szilágyi is writing from the center of multiple cultural Venn diagrams, about historical and emotional topics more readers need to explore.”

-Katharine Coldiron, Locus

Daughters is a confident and finely wrought novel. Szilágyi is at equally at home writing about Argentina’s complex historical conflict and the glittering garbage heaps of Brooklyn. She focuses unflinchingly on the violence we deliver on each other, and the mental scars that violence leaves behind.”

-Paul Constant, “A Fairy Tale of New York,”  The Seattle Review of Books

A clear-eyed meditation on the experience of being haunted by the unknown and what we are perhaps too scared to imagine.”

-Leena Soman, Cleaver Magazine

“In every way this is a mature intelligent book which may not suit all readers, but it is an example of how magic realism is so suited to ambiguity and  to difficult subjects.”

-Zoe Brooks, Magic Realism

The narrative surprised me, the gravitas shocked me, and the fantastical elements challenged me—all of which made for a worthwhile read and will make me a better writer.”

-Isla McKetta, A Geography of Reading

“[Szilágyi] is a smart writer, dropping you straight into the white hot truth of life.”

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