Olympic Sculpture Park; photo by George Szilagyi

Forthcoming Publications:

Nonfiction: The Fiddlehead.

Fiction: “Street of the Deported,” to be collected in an anthology of fiction published in Lilith Magazine.

Novel forthcoming in 2022, to be published by Lanternfish Press.


Previous Publications:


Daughters of the Air (Lanternfish Press, December 2017)


Sugar (Chin Music Press, November 2018)

I Loved You in New York, Vol. 4 of the SHOTGUN WEDDING Series (alice blue books, October 2015)


Short Fiction

“Bastille Day”, Collectanea, Issue 1, Winter 2006.

  • An audio piece based on this story, performed and produced by Lizzy Cooper Davis, is available here.

“The Boarder”, Western Humanities Review, Winter 2008. (In print only.)

“Cauliflower Tells You”, Monkeybicycle, February 27, 2015. *Nominated for a Pushcart Prize & Best Small Fictions.

“Cumulus”, Ramble Underground, Spring 2006.

  • Reprint: Ascent Aspirations, Vol. 10, #3, August 2006.

“Don’t Worry”, Moss, Issue 6, November 2016.

“Ebb and Flow” , Yellow Medicine Review, Fall 2009. (In print only.)

“Go East”, Pindeldyboz, 03.22.06, Vol.21, No. 7.

“Lemon Tree Palace” , Rockhurst Review, Spring 2006. (In print only.)

“A Meal”, Cafe Irreal, Issue 17, February 2006.

“More Like Home Than Home”, Fairy Tale Review, The Emerald Issue, 2014. (In print only.)

“Moss Child” and “Protean”, Syntax & Salt, October 2016.

“Healers”, Geometry, Issue 2, December 2017, pp. 51-64.

“Hinges”, Gordon Square Review, Issue 7, November 2020. *Nominated for Best of the Net.

“Old Boyfriends”, Propeller Magazine, December 2013.

“Raven in a Jar”, CICADA, March/April 2015, “Tricksters & Thieves” issue.

“Reunion: Recovery”, Antigonish Review, Spring 2006. (In print only.)

“The Samoyed”, The Capra Review, 1 February 2021.

“Scrolling Through The Feed”, Cascadia Magazine, 30 January 2018.

“Skitter”, The Massachusetts Review, Autumn 2007. (In print only.)

“Sneaking Into Dr. Zhivago“, Confrontation, Spring 2018. (In print only.)

“Street of the Deported”, Lilith Magazine, Winter 2017-18. *First Prize, Lilith Magazine fiction contest.

“Sugar”, Gastronomica, Winter 2013.

Three short-shorts, Montage, 2004. (In print only.)

“Very Big Furniture” , Stationaery, Issue 1, 2004. (In print only.)

“The Zoo”, Washington City Paper, 4 January 2013.



Art After Auschwitz“, Jewish in Seattle, April / May 2016.

Home is Where the Pickled Cabbage Is: Searching Seattle for Authentic Romanian Food“, The Stranger, 26 July 2017.

Seattle’s Delicious Ice-Cream Mile“, The Stranger, 10 May 2017.

Spam: The Mystery Meat That Continues to Inspire Conflicting Feelings of Agony and Ecstasy“, The Stranger, 14 June 2017.


“150 White Cotton Gloves”, WLZ 3, January 2018. (In print only.)

“Art Therapy Before Surgery”, Catapult, 26 September 2017.

“Bedtime Stories for Ghosts: Reading Aristotle to Coco Chanel and Other Encounters with a Massive Art Installation”, Electric Literature, September 2015.

“Cosmic Fruit”, Orion Magazine, Summer 2019.

“Dark Fruit: A Cultural and Personal History of the Plum”, Los Angeles Review of Books, October 2016.

“A Dill in Every Soup,” Orion Magazine, Summer 2021.

“Dispatch from a Pandemic: Chicago”, Another Chicago Magazine, 24 April 2020.

“How to Finish a Novel in Only 15 Years”, The Nervous Breakdown.

“In the Face of Chronic Illness, I’m Choosing to Adopt”, Healthline, 29 June 2018.

“Mapping Imagination”,  Airplane Reading, July 2012; Anthologized in Airplane Reading (Zero Books, 2016).

“Poems That Helped Me Write Novels”, Submittable, 26 February, 2018.

“The Sexual Life of Agnes Matzerath in Gunter Grass’s The Tin Drum“, Hotel, Volume 1, 2002.

“Threads of Memory”, Jewish in Seattle, February/March 2016.

“Twenty-Six Notes on Cannibalism”, Los Angeles Review of Books, 5 September 2017.

“Used To Be Schwartz”, The Rumpus, 23 April 2016.

“Writing a Holocaust novel without writing about the Holocaust”, Salon, 9 December 2017.

Book Reviews

“The Accident”, Shenandoah, February 2012.

“Body-horror for every body”, The Seattle Review of Books, 31 March 2020.

“The Chronology of Water”, Ploughshares, 28 July 2011.

“Come In and Cover Me”, Ploughshares, 10 January 2012.

“Dear Lucy”, Ploughshares, 21 June 2013.

“The End of the Story”, Ploughshares, 15 June 2012.

“From the Observatory”, Ploughshares, 8 November 2011.

“Marbles”, Ploughshares, 8 March 2013.

“Marital Rifts Three Ways”, Women’s Review of Books, July/August 2017. (In print only.)

“Minnow”, Los Angeles Review, June 2015.

“Minuet for Guitar”, Ploughshares, 27 March 2012.

“Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore”, Ploughshares, 5 October 2012.

“Pioneer Girl”, Ploughshares, 5 February 2014.

“Some Day”, Ploughshares, 8 November 2013.

“Snowflakes”, Seattle Review of Books, 8 August 2018.

“Town of Shadows”, Ploughshares, 21 December 2012.

“Translation is not kale”, Seattle Review of Books, 10 August 2017.

“Violence, Porn, Curses”, Seattle Review of Books, 8 May 2019.

“Wunderkind”, Ploughshares, 4 October 2011.


Anne Michaels, Scrivener Creative Review, No. 28, 2004. (In print only.)

Paul Ford, Scrivener Creative Review, No. 29, 2005. (In print only.)

Meytal Radzinkski, Seattle Review of Books, 28 August 2019.

Jess Walters, Word Works at Hugo House (YouTube), 20 December 2017.

Elissa Washuta, Seattle Public Library Podcast, 18 February 2017.

Writing Prompts

“All-Time Favorite Writing Prompts”, Ploughshares, 18 December 2014.

“Back to School Special: Thoughtful Imitation”, Ploughshares 11 September 2014.

“Dancing About Architecture”, Ploughshares, 19 May 2014.

“Dancing with Myself”, Ploughshares, 01 May 2014.

“Escalating Conflict”, Ploughshares, 13 October 2014.

“Experiments in Perspective”, Ploughshares, 29 September 2014.

“Eye Want”, Ploughshares, 09 February 2014.

“Follow Your Nose”, Ploughshares, 30 June 2014.

“The Magic of Objects”, Ploughshares, 03 April 2014.

“Story as Architecture/Architecture as Story”, Ploughshares, 16 March 2014.

“Summer-Inspired Writing Prompts”, Ploughshares, 20 July 2014.

“The Tangible, The Visceral”, Ploughshares 03 November 2014.

“That’s What She Said?” Ploughshares, 03 March 2014.

“Triangular Relationships”, Ploughshares, 01 December 2014.

“Walking to Write”, Ploughshares, 06 June 2014.

“Writing with Abstract Art”, Ploughshares, 11 August 2014.


“Green Tea in a Pink Room”, The Sunlight Press, 11 April 2017.

“How Do I Fit This Ghost in My Mouth?” Pacifica, 23 March 2016

“What Keeps You Up At Night?” Pageboy, May 2017. (In print only.)

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    […] Anca Szilágyi won the prize last year. In her artist statement, she said the money will allow her to travel to the Netherlands to do research on her third novel. That could be you! Traveling to the Netherlands, eating magic mushrooms and walking through The Heineken Experience brewery tour, where you will learn about the “smiling e” and dance to Will Smith’s “Gettin’ Jiggy With It” with a bunch of Italians. (You can put all that in your novel. Or not. Probably don’t.) […]

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