Email Marketing Copy Samples

For, I transformed vendor-provided copy to cohere with’s voice and fit within the character limits of email templates. In some instances, when no product description was provided by vendors, I researched the item and crafted original copy for email marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing Copy for Amazon Books

Vegan Without Borders shares Robin Robertson’s favorite dishes from the great cuisines of the world and shows how cooking vegan makes borders disappear. Whether the recipe hails from Ecuador or Ethiopia, these plant-based dishes invite you to travel the culinary world and sample 150 of Robin’s all-time favorites.


In the seaside town of Lighthouse Cove in northern California, everyone knows the best man for the job is actually a woman–contractor Shannon Hammer. But while Shannon can do wonders with a power drill and a little elbow grease, she’s about to discover that some problems aren’t so easily fixed. A High-End Finish is the first novel in a new series from Kate Carlisle.


Neil Gaiman and fine artist Lorenzo Mattotti join forces to create Hansel & Gretel, a book that’s at once as familiar as a dream and as evocative as a nightmare. Mattotti’s sweeping ink illustrations capture the terror and longing found in the classic Brothers Grimm fairy tale, and Gaiman crafts an original text filled with his signature wit and pathos.


Email Marketing Copy for Amazon Music

The repertoire of Martha Argerich and Friends Live from Lugano 2013 puts the piano at the center of the programming by focusing on piano duets and rarely performed and recorded compositions. The repertoire moves from Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, Ravel, Debussy, and Offenbach to Shostakovich.


Moonshine In The Trunk is Brad Paisley’s tenth studio album and features the happy-go-lucky single “River Bank.”


Band of Brothers debuts Willie Nelson’s first major batch of newly-penned songs since his Spirit album in 1996, ranging from introspective (“The Wall” and “Send Me a Picture”) to rollicking (“Wives and Girlfriends” and “Used To Her”). Complementing the nine original tracks are five songs penned by others, including Willie’s interpretation of Vince Gill’s “Whenever You Come Around.”

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