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Variety and flexibility drive my approach to teaching writing. This comes in many forms: variety of materials and activities, as well as flexibility in response to my students’ learning styles, needs, and desires. I am committed to bringing students a range of practical tools and creative stimuli.

Upcoming classes:

Manuscript consultations and one-on-one coaching:

  • I am delighted to offer manuscript consultations and one-on-one writing coaching. Please contact me at anca dot l dot szilagyi at gmail dot com for more information.

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“After learning so much in Anca’s fiction class, I knew she would be a great mentor for my novel manuscript. Her detailed comments were excellent and designed to help me help myself, rather than just proposing edits or off-the-shelf craft solutions. She took the time to really understand the world of the novel and what I am trying to achieve, and proposed ways of thinking about problems that have empowered and energized me to take the draft to the next level. Wonderful experience!” -David Roberts

“I really enjoyed your class. It’s the most helpful one I’ve taken to date, and in large part because of the time you take for individual feedback. I also thought the story selection for readings was spot-on, and the exercises were fun and generative. I have a few new stories from those exercises that I’m excited to delve into further.” -Melissa Slager, Intro to Fiction: Writing the Short Story student

“Anca did an excellent job curating tools for our class and for me as well. One of the best classes I’ve ever taken and I have a master’s degree….I would take any class taught by Anca and have already recommended her to other Hugo House authors.” -Fiction II online participant

“I would take this class again in a heart beat.”- Fiction workshop participant

“Outstanding! This is one of the best classes I’ve taken at Richard Hugo House.” -Writing with Visual Art student

“Anca is incredibly knowledgeable and kind in her critiques. I learned a lot just reviewing stories with her and the class. This has directly affected my own writing.” -Writing with Visual Art student

Previous Classes:

I have developed courses for and taught at the following institutions.

The Newberry Library

  • Contemporary Fairy Tales , a one-day class.
  • Second Helping: How Food Improves Fiction, a one-day class.
  • Visual Inspiration: Writing with Art, a four-week class.

StoryStudio Chicago

  • Character, Emotion, Suspense, a one-day class.
  • Place in Fiction, a six-week class.
  • Writing the Senses, a one-day class.
  • Wall-to-Wall Writing Prompts, a one-day class.
  • Writing Contemporary Fairy Tales, a one-day class.

Write on the Sound Conference

  • Powerful Objects: Character, Plot and Resonance, a 75-minute presentation.

Seattle Writes at the Seattle Public Library

  • Contemporary Fairy Tales, a free class at the Seattle Public Library.

Literary Arts

  • Writing Contemporary Fairy Tales , a one-day class.

Inked Voices

  • Research in Fiction, a 75-minute webinar.
  • Contemporary Fairy Tales, a 75-minute webinar.


The Living Room Workshops

Richard Hugo House

University of Washington

  • Beginning Short Story Writing
  • Expository Writing

Pace University

  • Critical Reading & Composition  for speakers of English as a second language
  • Academic Writing, a developmental class for speakers of English as a second language

Community English Program at Teachers College, Columbia University

  • Advanced English as a Second Language

Xincon Technology School

  • International English Language Testing Service (IELTS) preparation

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